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Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh Gabion Baskets and Mattresses have been used world wide for retaining wall, slope stabilization, channel lining, rockfall protection and many other applications for over 100 years. Due to the low cost long term solution double twisted mesh gabions provide for these applications their usage has become common place with many Government Agencies, and Private Land Developments etc… here in the United States.gabionsupplier

As gabion usage grew domestically the requirement for an industry standard of product quality became vital to ensure material consistency. The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MATERIALS AND TESTING has long been recognized as requiring high quality standards and assisting industries in establishing an industry standard for specific materials and products. The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MATERIALS AND TESTING (ASTM) publishes a specification book which documents each specification in its entire format. Each individual product specification within the ASTM book is designated a specification number for reference. The ASTM specification number for Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh Gabions is ASTM A975-97.

The full version of ASTM A975-97 specification is not shown in its entirety. The performance requirements of the finished product and the material data information are represented.



Minimum Strength And Performance Requirements Of Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh Ggabions





Tensile strength of wire mesh parallel to twist

3500 lbs/ft

2900 lbs/ft

Tensile strength of wire mesh perpendicular to twist

1800 lbs/ft

1400 lbs/ft

Connection to selvedges

1400 lbs/ft

1200 lbs/ft

Panel to Panel

1400 lbs/ft

1200 lbs/ft

Punch strength of mesh

6000 lbs/ft

5300 lbs/ft


Material Requirements For Galvanized Double Twisted Hexagonal Gabions


Diameter of mesh wire

0.120 inches

Diameter of selvedge wire

0.153 inches

Diameter of lacing wire

0.091 inches

Coating of wire

Finish 5 class 3 zinc coating ASTM A-641 tested in accordance with ASTM A370-92

Tensile of wire

54,000-70,000 psi soft temper accordance with ASTM A641-92

Weight of zinc coating of wire

Determined by ASTM A-90

Mesh opening size

8x10cm or 3.25inches x 4.50inches

Mesh wire 0.120 inches

Weight of zinc coating 0.85 oz/sf

Selvedge wire 0.153 inches

Weight of zinc coating 0.90 oz/sf

Lacing wire 0.091 inches

Weight of zinc coating 0.80 oz/sf

Grade of zinc coating of wire

High grade or special high grade in accordance with ASTM B-6, Table 1

Uniformity of coating of wire

Determined by ASTM A-239


Not less than 12% in accordance with ASTM A370-92

  • All of the above wire diameters are subject to a tolerance limit of 0.05mm ~ 0.10mm in accordance with ASTM A-641.
  • TOLERANCES: All gabion dimensions shall be within a tolerance limit of plus or minus 5% of the manufacturers stated dimensions.

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