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  • “Star horse war” officially launched

    On May 13, 2022, the “five-star corps” and the “dark horse corps” jointly held the launching ceremony of the “dark horse war PK match”. Among them, Hebei Jinshi metal belongs to the “five-star corps”, and all employees participated in the launching ...
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  • Hebei Jinshi held the “2021 year-end ceremony” to welcome the new year

    On December 31, 2021, Hebei Jinshi metal and the other four enterprises of the “five-star corps” held the “2021 year-end ceremony” to welcome the arrival of the new year. Each company performed sketches, songs, dances and other programs in a warm atmosphere.
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  • “Xibaipo” Red Education Tour

    On October 22, 2021, Hebei Jinshi metal and several companies of the five-star Corps jointly organized the “Xibaipo” red education trip, Before the event, Manager Guo Jinshi summarized the achievements of the five-star Corps in the “hundred regiments war”, and Manager Ding...
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  • The “hundred regiments war” had a great success

    The 45 day "hundred regiments war" ended successfully. Hebei Jinshi metal achieved very good results in this activity. Through everyone's continuous efforts, the company has won the title of the best team, including the fourth in the total amount of orders, the second in...
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  • Hebei Jinshi metal company launched the “hundred regiments war” .

    HEBEI JINSHI INDUSTRIAL METAL CO., LTD is an energetic enterprise ,found by Tracy Guo in MAY, 2008, sice the company established, in the process of operation , We always obey integrity-based, quality-oriented and principle of everything according to customers need, than faith , than service, t...
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  • How to choose and purchase Barbed Wire Fence Mesh

    Barbed wire (also called barb wire) is a kind of wire that is used to make cheap fences. It has sharp metal points (barbs), which make climbing over it difficult and painful. Barbed wire was invented in 1867 in the United States by Lucien B. Smith. Barbed wire can be used by many countries in mil...
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  • Together, the scenery is so beautiful. With you, 2021, the scenery will be more gorgeous

    At the beginning of 2020, a new coronavirus epidemic occurred, and the foreign trade industry was seriously impacted. Under such unfavorable circumstances, Hebei Jinshi metal, under the leadership of  Tracy Guo, developed new products and expanded new markets. Sales performance has been greatly i...
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  • Studded T Post – Best Solution to Secure Fences and Fix Plants

    Studded T Post – Best Solution to Secure Fences and Fix Plants

    Studded T Post, a kind of USA style HEBEI JINSH tee posts, is used to support fences. The spades welded on the post can providing more holding power for gripping the earth firmly. The studs or nubs along the post are specially designed for preventing the fencing wire sl...
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  • Galvanized barbed wire types and specification

    Galvanized barbed wire types and specification

    Barbed wire is used for various security fencing and barriers. It can be laid directly on the ground, mounted on the top of fence or in rows as an independent barrier. To prevent corrosion, barbed wire has a zinc coating. The barbed wire consists of barb wire and line wi...
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