What is a metal chicken coop and run?

The outdoor chicken coop provides a large space for your chicken. The quick-connect frame allows for easy assembly. It’s perfect for your backyard giving your chicken a secure outdoor space to stay. The PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh provides for extra safety by preventing unexpected accidents. Waterproof and sun protection cover can prevent bad weather effects.

metal chicken run coop

LARGE ENOUGH SPACE — The outdoor chicken coop offers a large space for your poultry or pets to enjoy running and playing freely. You can also put wood coop in to have a more safe and comfortable environment to your chicken. 【This product will come in three packages.】

PREMIUM & DURABLE MATERIAL — Manufactured with high quality steel frame, the hen house is stable and durable. Steel galvanized frame provides resistance against rust, which makes it suitable for using outside, even in the most extreme climates. Besides, the firm connection among each galvanized tubes makes sure the cage is stable.

PROTECTIVE COVER — Made of 210D Oxford cloth, the cover has the advantage of high sun and water-resistance. On the one hand, the cover can prevent your poultry from weather damage. On the other hand, because of its high quality materials, this cover gives you years of worrying-free use.

PLASTIC COATED HEXAGONAL WIRE MESH — The hexagonal net is made of galvanized wire and covered with plastic. It is very durable and not easily deformed. In addition, hexagonal mesh structure is sturdy enough to prevent the chicken from escaping or being caught by other predators.

SAFE LOCKABLE STEEL DOOR DESIGN — The door with latch and wire strap makes the cage suitable not only for your poultry, but also for your large pets such as dogs.

metal chicken run coop

In addition, it provides security for animals and facilitates your cleaning.

Post time: Jul-03-2022