Cucumber Trellis Support Vine Vegetables on Raised Garden Beds

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About Cucumber Trellis

Cucumber trellis also named zucchini trellis, which is welded with heavy duty steel wires. Long vines grow up on both side and climb along the tent-shaped support trellis. The large grid opening keep better fruits upright yet zero defects and easier picking. If you prefer cool-season vegetables and need a shade condition, cucumber trellis is the best choice.

We can use it with two pieces of grid panels to form an A-frame trellis or only use a single grid panel supported by two stable stakes to form a tent-shaped cucumber trellis. Both these two methods are space-saving for your in-ground vegetable garden, especially for raised garden beds.

A-Frame Cucumber Trellis Support Vine Vegetables on Raised Garden Beds


  • Lean-design is space-saving & tidy up the long vines.
  • Help fruits upright, clean yet unblemished.
  • Increases harvest and minimizes diseases.
  • Versatile for both in-ground or raised garden.
  • Powder or PVC coated is anti-rust & ECO friendly.
  • Multiple installation methods, folds flat is easy storage.



  • Material: Heavy duty steel wire.
  • Wire Diameter: 9, 10, 11 gauge optional.
  • Height: 30 cm, 50 cm, 80 cm.
  • Width: 25 cm, 30 cm, 50 cm.
  • Legs Number: 1 or 2.
  • Bearing Weight: 10 lbs
  • Process: Welding.
  • Surface Treatment: Powder coated, PVC coated.
  • Color: Rich black, white, or customized.
  • Mounting: Set cucumber trellises on the ground and secure the stake ends.
  • Package: 1 pcs in a pack with film bulk, then 5 or 10 pcs packed in carton or wooden crate.


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Cucumber trellis are perfect for supporting climbing plants & vegetables, such as cucumber, zucchini, kidney & long beans, loofah, bitter gourd, long purple eggplant and other climbing vegetables.

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Post time: Jul-01-2021