What are the major types of Traffic Sign Posts?

Did you know the average person living in America is exposed to hundreds, sometimes thousands of sign posts on any given day? These sign posts are used for virtually every traffic sign you will see on the road. Many people often overlook the significance of these sign posts and how they help increase safety measures. A variety of posts are available for mounting traffic signs. Some of the posts include Square Steel, Round Steel, U-Channel Steel and Wooden Posts.

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Round Sign Posts are exactly as you would picture them to look like, just a round steel tube. These posts tend to be the most economically efficient posts as they are low cost and fairly practical. Signs are typically attached directly through the post or clamped onto the outer parameter of the post allowing for convenience with assembly.

Square Sign Posts are similar to that of their counterparts with the round shape, but have a square shape allowing for more durability. These posts tend to be much stronger and there is plenty you can do when mounting a sign onto this type of post. You are also allowed to mount more signs onto the post as there are 4 different sides you have access to. These reasons are why this post is sometimes more expensive than their counterparts.

U-Channel Posts are the staple of the Traffic Sign Industry. These posts require low maintenance and are used by many different types of companies and are the most popular option. They are cost efficient, durable and practical. These sign posts are designed for simple and easy installations without having a large load capacity.

These Signs Posts can be installed easier with the use of a Post Driver. Whether that be a Manual Post Driver or a Compressed Air Driver. They are designed to make the job easier for you. When a Post is properly installed, the Traffic Sign can be easily seen from the road allowing for the drivers to be fully aware of their surroundings.


Post time: Jan-16-2024