Welded Gabion Box

WELDED GABION BOX is made of steel wire with high tensile strength, then the wires are welded into a panel.
Afterward we can use some mounting connections to assemble them quickly, such as hog ring connection, spiral joints connection, U clip connection and hook connection.
The use of these accessories can reinforce the welded gabion box, making it is not easy to deform.

Because of this reason, compared with hexagonal mesh
gabion box, welded gabion box is able to keep its shape and
fit well with the target. In recent years, welded gabion box
has become more and more popular in the decoration of
garden and landscape, it can be used as a flowerpot, fireplace,
decorative wall and various landscape architecture

welded gabion basket



Welded gabion box is widely used in the architecture and landscaping, such as:

●Free standing walls. ●Cladding. ●Garden and landscape. ●Other features within the built environment

Post time: Mar-20-2024