Application range of anti bird spikes

    The main causes of the fault are bird flashover, short circuit of bird nest material and short circuit of bird body. Among them, the line trip caused by defecating on the tower by large waterbirds such as ardeidae and stork accounts for about 90% of the transmission line bird damage fault, which is the main reason of the transmission line bird trip. Bird nest material short circuit, bird body short circuit caused by the circuit gate mainly occurred in the distribution circuit. Therefore, the focus of transmission line anti bird spikes is to prevent bird damage caused by large birds. anti bird spikes is a steel needle mounted on the tower to prevent large birds from moving on the tower so as to eliminate bird flashover. The anti-bird sting is mainly applied to prevent the flashover of national birds in the line from 110 kv to 500 kv .

Post time: Oct-22-2020