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  • Celebrate China's national day and strive to move forward.

    The hundred regiment war is coming to an end. With the joint efforts of all of us, Hebei Jinshi has completed the scheduled goal and strived to achieve a new goal of more than 3 million US dollars in the last few days.Soldiers of the hundred regiments, you are the best! Soldiers of the five-star arm

  • Why Choose Anti Bird Spikes?

    Why Choose Jinshi Bird Control Spikes?Bird droppings harm roofs and facades, its nesting material and droppings clogged gutters.Bird carry pests, parasites and diseases. All these threat to humans.JinShi Have Specialize in R&D of Bird Control Products for 10 YearsA comparison diagram about the befor

  • Mobilization meeting of "hundred regiment war" of Hebei Jinshi metal on August 17

    On August 17, 2020, the "hundred regiment war" officially opened, and Hebei Jinshi metal held a mobilization meeting. At the meeting, Manager Guo analyzed the current foreign trade situation, and then announced the achievement target of the "hundred regiment war".In this year's epidemic situation, w

  • Welcome visit Jinshi Online Trade Show 2020/08/20 15:00

    Jinshi Online Trade Show Time: 2020/08/20 15:00

  • Made in china SMART EXPO from 08/04 to 08/07 Online Show

    Made in china SMART EXPO from 08/04 to 08/07 Online Show

  • How to install anti bird spike? What is the application range of bird spike prevention

    Installation position of bird spike prevention:the main causes of bird damage fault are bird flashover, short circuit of black nest material, short circuit of bird body, etc. Among them, the line trip caused by large water birds such as Heron family and stork family on the tower is about 90% of

  • Alibaba Online trade show

    From 15:00 on June 8 to 3:00 on June 9 and from 15:00 on June 18 to 3:00 on June 19, Hebei Jinshi metal carried out two live show on Alibaba.com .In the live show many customers initiated purchase intention for our company's main products, such as bird spike, wreath ring, dog cage, etc. More than 10

  • Jinshi Metal Canton Fair Online Show

    Hebei Jinshi Industrial Metal Co., Ltd. attend the 127th canton fair, 2020.We will adopts online form to chat with all our customers. You can browse our products display and chat with us in our live studio.●Time: 06/15- 06/24●Booth No.: 11.2M09We are ready and looking forward to seeing you.If any qu

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