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  • Alibaba Online trade show

    From 15:00 on June 8 to 3:00 on June 9 and from 15:00 on June 18 to 3:00 on June 19, Hebei Jinshi metal carried out two live show on Alibaba.com .In the live show many customers initiated purchase intention for our company's main products, such as bird spike, wreath ring, dog cage, etc. More than 10

  • Jinshi Metal Canton Fair Online Show

    Hebei Jinshi Industrial Metal Co., Ltd. attend the 127th canton fair, 2020.We will adopts online form to chat with all our customers. You can browse our products display and chat with us in our live studio.●Time: 06/15- 06/24●Booth No.: 11.2M09We are ready and looking forward to seeing you.If any qu

  • No fear of the epidemic, and create better sales performance

    With the global epidemic raging and the global trade being greatly impacted, Jinshi people made outstanding sales achievements in the 45 days of PK competition in March. Only if we are brave in innovation and constantly improve our business ability, can we stand firm in the face of crisis.

  • Today is a traditional Chinese cooking day also known as "Xiaonian"

    "23, tanggua stick", December 23 and 24 of the lunar calendar, is a traditional Chinese cooking day, also known as "Xiaonian". It's said that the kitchen Lord was originally a common man, Zhang Sheng. After he got married, he spent a lot of money and lost his family business and went to the

  • The first bird spike product training course in 2020, sharing product experience to make us more professional

    Today, in the conference room of the company, group leader Lynn Wei held the bird spike product training course, which introduced the material,classification, main sales market and other knowledge of bird spike products.Colleagues actively participate and listen carefully. After sharing, we d

  • Dumpling feast with hundreds of flavors welcomes new year's Day

    Last week, to celebrate the arrival of new year's day, the company organized everyone to make dumplings to celebrate New Year's day. Prepared a variety of dumpling fillings such as leek and egg fillings, pork and onion fillings, carrot and egg fillings. Each of us has its own division of labo

  • Hebei Jinshi Metal Co., Ltd. Hainan Sanya 2019 conference celebration is a complete success

    On December 28, 2019, Hebei Jinshi Metal Co., Ltd. held the 2019 annual celebration in Sanya City, Hainan Province. Manager Guo summarized the work of the past year and put forward new plans for the future development of the company.

  • October PK competition was successfully concluded, the last PK competition in 2019 started

    The 46 day PK competition has come to a successful end, mainly in such dimensions as the highest number of total orders of xinbao, the highest amount of xinbao and the largest number of times of software phone marketing of Fumeng. With the efforts of all salesmen, it has achieved excellent sales per

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