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30'' Indoor Metal Wire Pet Exercise Cage Dog Playpen
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30'' Indoor Metal Wire Pet Exercise Cage Dog Playpen

Name: 30'' Indoor Metal Wire Pet Exercise Cage Dog Playpen
Wire Gauge: 11guage
Mesh Opening: 15cmX5cm
Panel Size: 24''X24'', 30''X30'', 32''X32''
One set included: 4panels, 6panels, 8panels, etc.

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Product Description

Product Description

                                       30'' Indoor Metal Wire Pet Exercise Cage Dog Playpen

30'' Indoor Metal Wire Pet Exercise Cage Dog Playpen have pre-assembled panels making set-up quick and easy for consumers. The modular design provides extra versatility for customization. Provide your pet and companion with plenty of exercise space in a welded wire modular kennel system.

This 30'' Indoor Metal Wire Pet Exercise Cage Dog Playpen is a very good choice for people who want a safe and comfortable space in which to exercise their dogs. Metal Wire Dog Exercise Pen features a 100-percent commercial grade steel frame, which is extremely durable and stands up to heavy use without a problem. The frame of the 8 panels pet playpen is easy to assemble. Simply connect it together with the help of the instructional booklet, which comes included in the packaging. 


Dog Playpen Details

30'' Indoor Metal Wire Pet Exercise Cage Dog Playpen is Easy to set up and no tools required. The full set of dog playpen included eight Panels (32" Width x 32" Height each panel), one door with lock. With heavy duty 1/2" Tube Frame in galvanized and black painting treatment, wire diameter in 3.0mm and mesh opening size is 15cmX5cm, the dog exercise pen can be different shape like square, ectangle oroctagon.

8 Panels Dog Exercise Playpen  are the best choice for your baby pet to running, playing, sleeping and eating.

I. Features of 8 Panels Pet Playpen

1. Manufactured with 100% steel frame
2. Lockable steel door latch and steel wire ties for extra safety
3. 11-gauge galvanized chain-link fabric included
4. Steel wire ties included for increased safety and security
5. 1" extended legs for easy cleaning
6. 1-year limited warranty
7. Indoor and Ourdoor are both good to use

8. Portable


II. Specifications of Dog Exercise Pan
Animal Type
Pet Size
Short (6-50lbs)
Metal Wire
Surface Treatment
Hot-dipped Galvanized+Black Painting
Wire Gauge
11gauge, 12gauge, 13gauge
Mesh Opening
10cmX5cm, 15cmX4cm, 15cmX5cm
Size (HxW)
Dog Playpen
5-ply corrugated carton

Packing & Delivery

1. standard exporting 5-ply corrugated carton; 

2. mail order carton packing
2weeks-6weeks after order confirmed

dog playpen packingLoadingdog kennel loading


1. Question: how easy does it stand alone? I am wanting to use it as a barricade across carport.

    Answer: The pins that hold the panels together are made to sink into the ground. If you are placing it on concrete, they will not prevent the panels from sliding. Angling the panels a bit will allow it to stay standing on its own, but a pushy dog could move it enough to escape. Attaching the open ends to the sides of the carport should keep the pen in place. Just be sure to inspect the pins for any wear that might cause them break.

2. Question: Can they be put together to make a larger area?

     Answer: Yes, you can put 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs oreven more panels like 10 to 15 together to get different shape.

3. Question: can this hold a 60 pound German shepherd and does it stay in place?

     Answer: Yes, we have a 50 pound Airedale terrier who will be 75 pounds and it holds here just fine. It does stay in place when she stands against it to great us.

4. Question: How many panels does this product include ?

    Answer: There are 8 panels, with one of them having a door. And we can also supply 4panels, 6panels, 10panels, or even more.



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