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Angle Steel

The angle steel is mainly divided into two classes, namely equal angle steel and unequal angle steel, wherein the unequal angle steel also can be divided into two kinds, namely unequal leg and equal thickness and unequal leg and unequal thickness.

The specifications of the angle steel are represented by the side length and the side thickness. The current domestic angle steel has the specifications of 2-20#, taking the centimeter number of the side length as the number, and the angle steel with the same number has 2-7 kinds of side thicknesses. The imported angle steel is marked with the actual size, side thickness and related standards; generally speaking, the angle steel of which the side length is more than 12.5cm is large scale angle steel, the angle steel of which the side length is between 12.5 and 5cm is medium scale angle steel, and the angle steel of which the side length is less than 5cm is small scale angle steel.

Generally, the order of the imported and exported angle steel mainly gives priority to the specifications required in use; and the steel number of the angle steel is the corresponding steel number of carbon structural steel. Apart from the specification number of the angel steel, the angle steel has no specific component and performance series.

The delivery length of the angle steel is divided into two kinds: fixed length and multiple lengths. The fixed length of domestic angle steel has four ranges, namely 3-9m, 4-12m, 4-19m and 6-19m according to different specification numbers. The length selecting range of the angle steel produced in Japan is between 6 and 15m.

The depth of section of the unequal angle steel is calculated according to the width of the long side of the unequal angle steel.

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